Reviewers' Guidelines

Peer review is an indispensable cornerstone in evaluating research endeavors, serving as the sentinel for upholding the caliber and authenticity of scholarly contributions. We extend our profound gratitude and admiration to our dedicated reviewers; whose voluntary commitment propels the advancement of research.

Our review process adheres rigorously to scientific principles, underpinning the overarching quality of disseminated research. Consequently, the impact and credibility of published works are inextricably linked to the exacting standards of our review protocol.

Nonetheless, reviewers are guided by fundamental principles underpinning our pursuit of excellence in scholarly publications. These principles form the bedrock upon which we collectively endeavor to nurture and promote exceptional research outputs.

Peer Review

Peer review is a meticulous evaluation process where fellow researchers rigorously examine and offer impartial assessments to enhance the quality of research. Independent experts scrutinize research papers from diverse angles, encompassing factors like significance, validity, originality, and scope. Their insights aid the journal's editorial board in making informed decisions regarding accepting or rejecting submitted manuscripts.

Various forms of peer review exist, with Blind Peer Review and Double-Blind Peer Review being the most commonly employed. At JIESS, we uphold the Double-Blind Peer Review methodology. In this approach, the authors remain unaware of the reviewers' identities and vice versa, ensuring a level of transparency, impartiality, and fairness that is paramount to the integrity of the evaluation process.

How to Perform a Peer Review?

Reviewers are kindly asked to familiarize themselves with our ethical guidelines and the guidelines for authors to ensure full compliance. To facilitate the review process, JIESS offers a Peer-Review form to our esteemed reviewers. This form includes fields for the reviewer's name, affiliation, and official email address, as well as the manuscript ID and the title of the research article under consideration.

Within this Peer-Review form, reviewers are expected to provide their assessment across various criteria, utilizing a Likert scale that ranges from "Very Good" to "Very Poor." This structured approach allows for a comprehensive and standardized evaluation of the manuscript's quality and merits.

  1. General Comments
  2. Introduction
  3. Methodology and Literature
  4. Results
  5. Discussion and Conclusion
  6. References
  7. Others

Some basic suggestions to the reviewers are:

  1. Timely Review: Please ensure timely consent and submission of your review.
  2. Confidentiality: Maintain strict confidentiality regarding the paper's contents and refrain from sharing or permitting access to anyone else.
  3. Succinct Feedback: We encourage concise and focused comments within the scope of the work.
  4. Constructive Critique: Reviewers are expected to provide constructive feedback and avoid overly negative criticism of the research.
  5. Adequate Time: Allocate sufficient time to review papers to meet the review objectives effectively.
  6. Consistency: Kindly offer consistent feedback on the articles you review without any bias or prejudice.
  7. Tolerance for Non-Native Researchers: When reviewing papers from non-native researchers, emphasize only necessary changes that impact the meaning.
  8. Start with Conclusion: Consider beginning your review by evaluating the paper's conclusion.
  9. Detailed Results Analysis: Closely to the results section during your assessment.
  10. Acknowledge Contributions: Please acknowledge and credit the contributions made by the authors wherever applicable.

To Become a Reviewer of JIESS

We invite members of the research community to participate as reviewers for JIESS. The editorial board deeply appreciates our reviewers' invaluable contributions toward advancing research in Pakistan. Your involvement is instrumental in upholding the quality and integrity of the scholarly work we publish.

Recognition for Reviewers

To maintain the utmost confidentiality, we conduct a double-blind peer review process. The identities of our reviewers remain strictly confidential and are not disclosed anywhere on our website or in our journal materials. However, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for their invaluable contributions.

For reviewers who wish to document their peer-review activities, we recommend registering with Publons, which meticulously maintains a comprehensive record of their reviewing work. This platform allows reviewers to showcase their dedication to the scholarly community while preserving the confidentiality integral to our review process.