Review Process

JIESS employs a rigorous double-blind review process, ensuring that the identities of both reviewers and authors remain confidential throughout the evaluation process. To facilitate this anonymity, authors are kindly requested to adhere to specific manuscript preparation guidelines outlined in our author's guidelines, which are crucial for maintaining the integrity of our review process.


By implementing a double-blind review, JIESS ensures that the reviewers remain uninfluenced by the reputation or gender of the authors when assessing the submitted abstracts. This approach significantly reduces the potential for biased judgments or difficulties that may arise when evaluating work from well-known individuals within a specific research community. Our commitment to double-blind reviewing eliminates such challenges, fostering a fair and impartial assessment of all submissions.


The editorial board of JIESS does an initial screening of the articles. Once a paper is accepted for peer review, it is sent to the reviewers following a double-blind process. The editorial board considers the reviewers' suggestions and decisions about accepting an article for publication and may also be communicated to the authors. The findings include acceptance without any changes, acceptance with minor changes, acceptance with major changes, or rejection.

Peer Reviewing:

The peer reviewers' suggestions for the author/s are communicated to them and provided reasonable time to make the changes. After resubmission, the incorporation of suggested changes is checked by the editorial team members and/or sent to the peer reviewers for their comments.

After the final acceptance, the articles are published online and placed on the website under the heading of the journal's specific volume and issue, the Current Issue.