About the Journal

  1. JIESS promotes research primarily in the fields of education and social sciences in Pakistan and issues related to the broader region and the world. The journal covers education, teaching, and learning research, including primary education, college education, higher education, tertiary education, education management, teaching and learning methodologies, and emerging trends.
  2. JIESS has a broader scope in social sciences and accepts articles falling within this domain. It invites researchers from universities, colleges, and research centers to publish their work in the journal. The journal does not discriminate based on caste, color, race, religion, affiliation, geographic location, or other factors.
  3. It boasts a dedicated editorial board comprising experts from various academic fields to ensure adherence to international research publishing standards and timely article publication. Research work is published based on merit, and the editorial board has the final authority to accept or reject any submission. Their decisions cannot be challenged. Open Access: JIESS is an open-access journal, following Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC) guidelines