Aims and Objectives


JIESS is a research journal with a focus on research related to Education and also encompasses the areas of social sciences. The main aim of this journal is to promote research and to provide a platform to the researchers of academic fraternity. The following are the included in the aims of the journal:

  1. JIESS aims to promote and publish quality research in the fields of Education and Sciences
  2. One of the goals of JIESS is gain high reputation as a scholarly research journal in the areas of its scope
  3. We intend to publish more of practical research along with pure academic work to bridge the gap and to bring positive change in the society
  4. JIESS seeks to explore and investigate various aspects and varieties of education and social sciences, contributing to the development and growth of these fields
  5. The journal aims to publish both empirical and exploratory research works, fostering a diverse range of research contributions

Currently JIESS Does Not Charge any Fee for the Processing and Publication of Articles


The following are the objectives of JIESS:

  1. To establish a robust research platform accessible to scholars, educators, students, and general researchers
  2. To foster the growth of a scholarly community that cultivates a vibrant research culture within our nation
  3. To actively promote and support research endeavors in the fields of education and social sciences at the national and international levels
  4. To facilitate emerging researchers by providing them with opportunities to publish and showcase their work
  5. To publish research that holds the potential to make practical contributions to the private and public sectors
  6. To make high-quality research publications freely accessible to researchers, eliminating cost-related barriers
  7. To encourage the sharing of knowledge and the expansion of existing knowledge foundations
  8. To develop effective channels of communication between academia, industry professionals, policy-makers, and decision-makers to foster collaboration and the exchange of insights