Role of Teacher to Overcome Academic Discrimination among Secondary School Students


  • Tosom Zahira Department of Education, University of Sialkot, Sialkot-Pakistan Author


Teacher, Academic discrimination, School, Students, Professional


The aim of this research is to find out the teacher’s role to overcome academic discrimination. In this study’ to identify the role of teacher to overcome academic discrimination. Teachers must always support and carry out professional efforts as education managers in schools since anti-discrimination attitudes are strategically taught in schools This study seeks to understand how teachers might overcome academic discrimination. Studies on initiatives to instil anti-discrimination attitudes in schools abound. Quantitative research design adopted, and descriptive method was used for research study. Gujranwala division selected as a Population, District Gujrat and Sialkot selected for sample of the study. In this study researcher used multistage sampling technique. In the 1st phase through simple random sampling technique researcher selected two Districts Gujrat and Sialkot from Gujranwala division. In 2nd phase researcher used stratified sampling technique to select schools, teachers and students. In present study 180 students and 60 teacher’s responses were collected. The study’s results were through the processing and publication of data with social features, the research sought to introduce the many forms of social discrimination and some of its components. Every piece of data must thus be viewed with caution. The responses paint a favorable view of the circumstance. One sample T. Test was used to analyze the data collected through SPSS version 25.0


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