Influence of Community and Communication Proficiencies on Learner Academic Achievement: The Case of Rural Primary Schools of Kweneng Region in Botswana


  • Kaone Bakokonyane Institute of Management Development-Botswana Campus, Botswana Author


Community, headship proficiencies, School effectiveness, School improvement, academic performance, communication, collaborators, positive attitudes


The study examined how headship community and communication proficiencies influenced the learner academic achievement of two high and two low performing primary schools of Kweneng region in Botswana. Qualitative approach, using a multi-cross case study analysis was used. Data were collected through an in-depth, semi-structured and focus group interviews, observations and document analysis. Purposive sampling methods were used and the study drew data from fifty-six (56) participants. These were four school heads, four deputy school heads, four heads of department, eight senior teachers, twelve teachers and twenty-four learners. This study applied the Hargreaves Capital Theory of School Effectiveness and Improvement. The purpose of the study was to examine how the school heads in both high and low rural performing primary schools executed their headship community and communication proficiencies and how the proficiencies influenced learner academic achievement in their schools. The cross-analysis case study findings revealed that high performing rural primary schools had community and communication proficiency. This approach helped them in giving timely and effective feedback to parents and learners. They were able to make effective decisions through communication with parents and stakeholders. They collaborated and networked with parents and stakeholders in the local community. On the contrary, low performing schools paid lip service to ‘involvement’ approach. The study, therefore, concludes that headship community and communication proficiency enabled the school heads to gain trust of collaborators hence improving learner academic achievement. 


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